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What can Creative Ownership do for you?

Welcome to! If you are a photographer working to protect the reputation you’ve spent decades building, an interior designer with an itch to build a brand or launch a line of textiles, a writer aspiring to become a New York Times best-selling author, a winery or clothing boutique that wants to remain special and unique… then, I am the lawyer for you!

I have been studying Intellectual Property (IP) law and prosecuting patents, trademarks and copyright applications since I was just a baby lawyer in my twenties. Over time, I have found this to be a rewarding and exhilarating practice area. Some IP lawyers spend their time patenting the latest electronic gadget, power tool, or airplane seat. That just isn’t me. I want to work with the person who designed the pattern of the fabric that covers that airline seat. I want to work with writers or artists and appreciate the beauty of their creations.

I am in the business of helping creative people protect their ideas. My practice is located in the ancestral home I inherited and renamed The Country Law Shack, in peaceful Mount Pleasant, North Carolina. If you’re a local, come visit me. You will get sweet tea made by my Grandma and Southern hospitality. If you are anywhere else in the world and have a desire to legally protect a creative idea, call or email me to schedule a conference call. Thanks to my amazing husband and parents, I can accommodate you. I love practicing this area of law so much that I do not consider it work. I love what I do. Thus, I take calls on weekends and after hours. I return all communications within 24 hours and strive to be the knowledgeable, reasonably priced professional that artists and creatives can count on.

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